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Moughsha (Tiv Blend)

Moughsha (Tiv Blend)

"Mough Sha" in Tiv language literally means "stand up". This blend will wake up your taste buds giving you a glimpse of the spices used in traditional Tiv meals from North-Central Nigeria.





Scotch Bonnet (Mkem),  Ferment Locust Bean Seeds (Nune), Fermented Iron Tree Seeds (Gbaaye),  Ashanti Pepper (Yiye), Cayenne Pepper, Bird's Eye Chile (Nkbakpa),Ginger (Cita), Onion (Alabusa), Aidan Fruit (Kyoho), Country Onion (Apipi), Grains of Selim (Ingyagyase), Alligator Pepper (Ikyehee).



Premium sourced non-GMO spices and herbs. No Salt, No MSG, No Preservatives, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and 100% Natural

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