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Spices in Heaps

Ember's Dream

Community Support Programs

I named Ember Spices after my mother Ember (pronounced in the Tiv language as A-uhm-bay). Whose name means to "rejoice." My mother had a way of being happy in challenging situations, and somehow she always found her joy. She never shied away from giving herself, time, and resources to others. In her community, she was a beacon till the end. 

The goal of finding joy even in the littlest things forms the basis of all we do. We desire to spread happiness in every situation and every home, one spice at a time. So what better way to share the joy than to give?

We donate generously to fund the basic needs of children and youth in disadvantaged communities. We identify individuals or groups that could benefit from Ember's Dream and offer our support for their most pressing needs through your suggestions and referrals. 

Thank you for partnering with us through your purchases of our products. There is no Ember's dream without you. 

Please see a few of our projects below. 

Writing a Diary

Project Tudun Wada

Lugbe Abuja FCT

Women's Literacy Project

According to the World Bank, Nigeria's literacy rate stands at about 62.2 percent. For women, this rate currently stands at about 53 percent. In conjunction with Kay-Zen Research Consultants, we partner with women in the Tudun Wada Community to provide access to learning materials, adult learning classes, and mentoring opportunities.

Project Abatse

Farmers Seed Project

Over the past few years, flooding and insecurity have affected farmers' livelihood across Benue State, Nigeria. Through your purchases and collaborating with a farmers association,  Ember Spices is helping to distribute seeds and seedlings to help farmers get back on their feet.

Seed Delivery
Image by Darling Arias

Project Zuba

Skills Acquisition Project

In the Nigerian Economy, self-employment is one of the core pillars that keeps the economy thriving. However, several college-educated and non-college-educated people cannot find white-collar jobs, thus looking to skills acquisition that has the potential of becoming a profitable business. Through your purchases and in partnership with Kay-Zen Research Consultants, we are providing skills acquisition training in the area of shoe making, soap-making, and sewing.

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